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Mixed Media. Pop Imagery. Floral. Vibrant.

2022 Featured Artist Gordon Cheung

Born in 1975 in London to Chinese parents, contemporary artist Gordon Cheung has developed an innovative approach to painting, which blurs the line between virtual and actual reality to reflect on the modern concern for the loss of utopia as seen in the current state of affairs in our capitalist society. Exploring these themes through animation and appropriation,
Cheung applies a range of references in his work including culture, mythology, religion, and politics. His dreamlike spaces of urban surreal dystopias originate from his childhood experiences in the 1970s and 1980s.

Cheung graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting in 1998 from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London and earned his Masters of Fine Arts in 2001 from the Royal College of Art in London.

Some notable achievements include a commission for the Laing Art Solo Award in 2006 and the Arts Council England International Art Award in 2003. Unosunove Gallery in Rome, among others. His works are held in the collections of the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, D.C., Whitworth Art Museum in Manchester, Royal College of Art in London, Museum of
Modern Art in New York, and the Knoxville Museum of Art (KMA), among others. Click here to download Cheung’s full CV.

The Knoxville Museum of Art acquired his work Fallen in 2010 with funds provided by the KMA Collectors Circle. Click here to view additional information about this work, among others, in the KMA’s permanent collection.

Cheung lives and works in London.

For additional information, visit or follow the artist on Instagram or Facebook.


LDV 2022 Featured Work:

Gordon Cheung, Augury 4, 2021. Financial newspaper, archival inkjet, acrylic, sand on paper, 32 5/8 x 23 ¼ x 1 1/3 inches.

Creating dense collages from various materials including paint skins, sand, and pop imagery, Gordon Cheung produces epic, magical landscapes over the backdrop of London’s Financial Times stock listings. The present work is from the artist’s Augury series, which includes nine works depicting varying floral arrangements that address contemporary concerns of art historical ideologies while raising questions of written history and perception of identity. The wild fauna and sprawling blossoms in this work also address modern day ecological concerns.

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